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Flanagan’s Preschool Conshohocken;

I wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much my husband and I truly appreciate your school. Not only as a concerned parent but as an elementary school teacher. I have seen how children grow and develop by attending Flanagan’s. My son has so much knowledge, often surprised I’ll ask him “How do you know that?” and he’ll reply he learned it at school.

Socially, I couldn’t have asked for more. My son has made so many friends and can’t wait for the fun activities that this school provides. Music class and tumble tots are the highlights of his week. Each and every teacher in the building knows my son’s name, even the ones who’s classrooms he has not been in. Flanagan’s makes you feel like part of a big family, and they all really care about the well-being of your child.

There is a difference in the preschools in our area. I have been to visit most (if not all of them) and found Flanagan’s to be the most accommodating and have the best curriculum for my child. I am always welcomed to his classroom at any time (not so with some other schools), and still feel as though I am involved in his daily routine even though I can’t be with him during the day. I also notice a difference with the children in my classroom. The children who have attended Flanagan’s seem to have an edge over the other children. They appear to be more socially adjusted and I will often hear “We already learned that in preschool”.

Flanagan’s has helped me in making sure my child is smart, strong, and well-adjusted. When it comes time for Kindergarten and beyond, I know he will achieve to his highest abilities. In part, we have Flanagan’s to thank for that.


Gina J.

A working mom’s number one concern is that her child is safe and content while you are gone. The staff at Flanagan’s Preschool in Plymouth Meeting have created an environment where I have peace of mind leaving my son in their care. The teachers are warm, affectionate and have built such a trusting relationship that when Dillon sees them in the morning he smiles and gives them hugs. The daycare administrators are accessible whenever I have questions or concerns and the other parents are friendly and considerate.  It makes for a great sense of community.

Meredith U.

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Recognized as a Cadence Education School of Excellence